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    Thumbs up Partners needed for Web Design/ SEO company

    Dear friends,

    Newly established small international web development/ SEO company is desperately seeking partners who might be in need of our services or can refer us some work/ projects to complete. We are three persons: web designer, web developer and web marketing manager, we have got experience working for some web development companies and decided to go on our own. You are welcome to visit our web site send me an e-mail via PM and I will e-mail you the web site address to get a better idea about our services.

    We are ready to discuss your terms and will consider any projects/ offers. Our company is interested to build up long-term relations, willing to complete free sample work and tests, in some cases performance based fee is acceptable. We consider customer satisfaction and service as our top priority as we clearly realize that it leads to more projects and more business for us. You are welcome to contact me via e-mail or toll-free number available at our site. If any members of this forum have a need in some of our services we will try to provide free help (depends on the scope of the work required)

    Thank you for your time,


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    Weird, you mentioned your URL at so why not here?

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    It seems to me there was a notice in this forum rules not allowing to place URLs in the posts. I might be wrong.

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    slava75 does not yet have the 5 required posts to submit a link yet.

    If the offers still available, Id like to join in
    Please PM me with your contact details if interested (get the 5 posts first though).

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