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    Backup All Reseller A/Cs ?

    I have a CPanel / WHM reseller account and I wish to backup all of the accounts on a daily basis.

    I have around 30 accounts on it and am looking for a script/program that I can run every night and it will generate full backups of the files and MySQL databases etc.

    Alternatively a service form a company that provides backups would be good - has anybody tried Remote Backup - Rsync ? (www(.)bqinternet(.)com/backup/) I was just looking for some experiences of other people - does this carry out backups of your server automatically ? If so can you set it to every day etc ?


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    I don't know of an automated way for a reseller to back-up all of their accounts at once. Which is probably good, because if every reseller on a server did this at the same time the server would probably come to a crawl and crash.

    You won't be able to use rsync unless you have ssh access to your server.

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    Alot of host provide a back up service even for their resellers.
    If they did not what would you do today if your best customers' site got deleted by accident from server... how would you restore it?

    Try ev1 forums and burstnet forums for a cpanel back up solution for resellers.
    Untill then I would ask all my customers to make a back up thru cpanel and download the tarball to PC.

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    We provide daily backup to all customers but as an optional feature. I don't see why clients have to pay for a backup service which they may not need. The data on the site may be easily replaced by the client and not need a full backup solution.

    That said, on WHM you can backup resellers accounts. WHM has a feature exclude/include which sites to backup. You can simply choose your resellers accounts to backup.

    You should contact the person you purchase you account from and ask them to see if they offer any backup solution for you.
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    Re: Backup All Reseller A/Cs ?

    Originally posted by webdirect
    does this carry out backups of your server automatically ? If so can you set it to every day etc ?

    If you have access to your accounts through WHM/cPanel, you should be able to have cPanel carry out FTP backups each night. You could also use a program like Rsync, and add a crontab entry to have it run nightly.
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    Another solution can be running a cronjob each night for all the accounts including the sql database. You can create a back-up script for the account back-up as well as the mysql data base back and set a cron job under the cron tab for each of the account on a daily basis. This will be generating an automated back-up for the account each day.

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    I think most clients should have a copy of webpages in their computer. Therefore they are concern with the backup of databases and emails.

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    If you just have a reseller account, it may be tough to do a backup easily as you need to know all the passwords of your users/databases etc since you do not have root access.

    My suggestion is to check with your host. Chances are, they are already backing up like most hosts. For example we do daily, weekly on a second harddisk (the most common types of backups for almost every cpanel host out there) and then daily rsync to another location/server.
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