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    Question Undelete Files in linux

    Hi ,

    I delete some files in linux .
    Can I recover them via ssh ?

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    Im not sure u can if you have ext3 i think... But there are ways, im sure. Search the forums and you may find you're answer...

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    Very unlikely, especially if there's later write activity on the disk. Recovery firms can peel the bits and pieces off the disk, but you need to really want it ($$$) to bother.
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    if its ext2 then its possible if you havent done a lot of I/O on the disk.. if its ext3.. then you'd need to pay a high cost firm and its still unlikely to get that data back
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    Its really hard to recover deleted files from ext3 fs, ext3 put zeros in the deleted inodes, your only hope is to grip the parts of your file from the fs.

    I am assuming that you are using ext3, since most RH servers are running on ext3 fs.

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