This is a review on OurInternet.US, and their hosting. I got one thing to say, I LOVE IT! There is one slight problem that they only offer CentOS and Windows, but other then that, their service / tech support is aweswome. My server was not set up for two days after I ordered it, and I got a FREE month of service, upon the free month I got for signing up, I can't think of anywhere else that would offer such service!

I wanted a re-install with no apach / php / mysql, because I wanted to install the up-to-date versions from scratch, and they offered to do it for me, FOR FREE!! I can't beleive how good their service is, they respect their clients, its aweswome. I wanted a refund and to cancel my VPS because I wanted a dedicated server instead. They said they will refund me, but will not cancel my server, they said I have two months free, $80.00 worth of service left, and that i can pay after the two months if i feel like it, man, that's just cool. So I give OurInternet.US 20++/10, I hope you all can witness their wonderfullness!