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    Question leaving Rackspace

    Hi all,

    I have been a loyal Rackspace customer for over 2 years now and while I will not debate their network reliability and fanatical support I am starting to think their bandwidth charges have become prohibitive.

    Would people generally agree that it's reasonable to offer web hosting at $20/month for 15-20GB monthly bandwidth?

    I seem to be having trouble attracting and keeping clients with moderately popular websites without offering them 20/GB for $20/month. However this is impossible with Rackspace's rates...

    Rackspace currently charges $3/GB over your purchased bandwidth, although they will cut it down to $1.50/GB if you bug them enough. What's frustrating is that, after two years of paying my bills on time, they won't give me the default 100GB/month that they currently offer on their Linux server packages. So I'm stuck at 50GB/month and I'm already paying over $450/month.

    Most of the dedicated server providers mentioned on WHT seem to be offering close to 1000GB/month (20 times as much as I have!) packages for less then $300.

    The question becomes: does anyone have any experience with other server vendors who provide comparable support and network reliability but come closer to today's bandwidth pricing standards?

    I will gladly pay extra for service and reliability, but Rackspace's prices -- even with everything they offer -- seem a little outdated.


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    I personally see Rackspace as marketing to corporate users and not so much those involved in web hosting or reselling hosting services. There are businesses which requires the mission critical status and support level offers by Rackspace andd there is still a market for that.

    I am not sure about comparable but you could consider the likes of , ,, which would probably meet your needs.

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    Maybe, but Rackspace does offer a lot of web hosting related options, which their techs seems to have a thorough knowledge of. I would imagine they must have quite a few client resellers.

    I looked through ServInt and although their packages seem good, their website did not impress me. (I guess I believe that real professionalism penetrates all aspects of a business). I wasn't left feeling confident.

    I'm looking for real reliability here...I would imagine there must be others besides Rackspace...


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    Rackspace is the best of the best. And their prices reflect that. There are plenty of high-end server providers (eddy mentioned most of them) but I don't think they will meet your experience at rackspace. The question for you is more your willingness to pay 2-10x more for the best support. Do you really need that quality of support?

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    Well, like I say, their target audience are probably the higher end clients who need something mission critical and probably more willing to pay the big bucks but they want results.

    Servint website may be basic but they are actually quite responsive and professional in their support. From my experience, they are not as huge a set up as Rackspace but good for what's its worth. Do a search on Servint here and you would see that.

    If you are looking for something in the range of Rackspace, you might be looking to pay something like what you pay there.

    Actually I am willing to pay $20 for virtual web hosting because I make a lot more than that and if you can provide good service, why not.

    Of course, the market for low-cost hosting is there for those who are planning to use the website for some hobby sites, non-profit hosting or just starting out. The market might be sort of satuarated now with a lot offering bottom prices.

    You could actually consider keeping the rackspace server to cater for those who need high end services and maybe get a lower end server from the other places to cater for the lower end market.

    Some web hosting businesses are doing just that to cater to a wider market. Of course the support level and uptime guarantees would be different.

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    I will also most likely go with Rackspce. I got them from this forum while browsing for a reliable center to host my online game. For me 100 MB/month is ok since latency and lag is the most important thing for me. The package I'm buying is a little pricy, but I learned here that less money isn't always a good thing.
    Their sales rep seemed eager to get me on board, whether this means they need customers or they're just doing a good sales thing, I don't know. However for somebody who needs a fast server and good connection more than a high transfer volume I believe Rackspace is a good value, at least from what I hear here.
    I think the service you choose depends on your requirement. If you need high transfercolume then rackspace perhaps isn't the best solution, but for server application it appears to me, it is.

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    The company I work for is also trying to move from Rackspace, except we pay over $800/month. We have a dual Athlon MP 2800+. We need something reliable with good support and that will allow us to send many e-mails (we don't get many complaints).

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    Another vote for

    100% net uptime just like RackSpace but much less cost and easy to deal with.

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    I would add to the list, excellent network with excellent support, I also second as a good fully managed provider.

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    If you can offer the same quality of service to your shared customers as Rackspace offers to its dedicated customers then I see no reason you could not sell at around $2/GB.

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    from direct experience with ServInt and from comments on this forum, I think you would get better quality support at ServInt than Rackspace.

    I was always able to get an engineer on the phone in a few rings and support emails were always answered in a few minutes (1-5 min).

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