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I thought it relevant and important to make this post. As everyone know, Worldzone/WorldzonePro was selling to (Web Host Plus). Well maybe you didnt know to "whom" we were selling out to as we kept that fairly quiet.

We have terminated that sale and reversed DNS changes for the very reasons in the thread I posted above. The move was supposed to start on March 11, 2005. At the end of that month, it still hadnt happened. So we paid another month at the data center.

So things roll around to April 28, 2005. Servers due to be shut down on May 1st. This is the day they really start communicating. Late on the 29th they started transferring data. At midnight, the servers go down, interrupting that move. We were NOT going to pay another month at the DC ($3000), especially when the only thing WHP had paid to us at this point was $2500. We had already paid April, May was not going to be paid for by WZ. They wanted the servers back up so as to complete the transfer, but were unwilling to pay a mere $3000 to do so. They even owed me a small $100 for some minor work, which was never paid. Am I wrong in thinking it strange that a company claiming to have $millions$ would balk at $3000 and $100??

Things went wrong on all sides. We ended up with 5 days of complete downtime. The guys at WHP were really trying, especially Victor and Lenny. I think their company is just trying to do too much at once. One hand doesnt know what the other is doing. However, I have to wonder if they arent just blowing smoke..

I had a part in the cancelling of the contract. The downtime was not our fault. The move was two months passed due, and we had already paid an additional month at the DC because of that. We didnt pay the next. After things went down, we started losing clients. We had already moved our support forums to an alternate location, so communication with clients remained.

I was still all for the deal until I heard one comment from their top guy.. "This downtime has caused a loss of clients, so we are not going to pay the agreed contract price". Since the loss of clients was due to their inaction, I dont see how they can say that. I recommended the cancellation of the contract, or breach of it. However, I believe their comment nulled the contract. If they werent going to pay the agreed contract price, then the contract is dead. Words flew back and forth between Chris (WZ owner) and WHP until both agreed to kill the deal. Since all phone conversations are recorded by the system, Chris is prepared to deal with any legal issues with them should they occurr.

I wont reccomend that anyone dealing with them NOT sell, but rather, be prepared and tread lightly. Plan it out for a three month move. Tell your DC 3 months, but tell WHP one month. If you cant get full payment up front, get payment sections before the move of each machine. For example, if you have 5 servers, require 1/5 payment before giving access to each machine.

We lost a lot of clients on this. Not only do we have a loss of that revenue, but will probably be giving all other clients 2 months credit for the 5 days downtime.

Tread lightly when dealing with WHP. I have also heard rumours that they used to have close ties to, or used to be named Datapeer.

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