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    Web Design Offer

    Hello is offering specially priced new web design work in order to build up a high quality portfolio of work.

    If you would like to consider us we are open to any reasonable offer. For the first few orders no price will be refused, we are mainly focused on building up a portfolio to illustrate the talent that we have got.

    Please contact me on: [email protected]. Please don't send PM's as email is more regularly received.

    Kiran James
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    Take this as constructive. You really should finish your own site before offering to create sites for others.

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    Agreed. Having filler text isn't professional on your own webdesign site.

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    I think its just because as he mentioned in his post, he is looking for projects to put there...

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    Good luck on finding some projects

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    How much do you charge for your designs? Do you have AIM?

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    I agree that as a general rule it would be good to have your site finished, but I thought to try and see if we could get the first few jobs rolling anyway.

    The first few jobs we get are going to be investments, no way are we considering making any money, but as you've pointed out, the first thing people want to see is your work.

    I thought perhaps to offer a no risk guarantee such as put the first job through scriptlance maybe where a $10 deposit can be placed in escrow (something similar) and the client doesn't have to risk anything. Usually at such sites you can agree a small, simple terms of business and we could include something to the effect that after a few outlines if the client is not satisfied he can have his deposit returned, this would show confidence in our ability and it would prevent the client from risking anything, and I'm anticipating that with that kind of offer, some people will feel that only someone who is confident in their ability will make such an offer, as making countless web sites that are rejected would be a rather costly exercise, not to mention the lack of any positive review.

    Regarding price, anything that is reasonable, just so long as I can cover some of the costs. As I say, no proper offer will be rejected. Including offers under $100. I would prefer to do one or two jobs like this and then use these as examples rather than try to get alot of low priced jobs.

    Thanks for your input and I do in general agree with your points. Next time I post an offer, the site should be complete.
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    do you have work you have done???
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    There is nothing that is available in a portfolio we can actively show yet, but I hope to gain at least one or two customers from this post so if your not in a hurry, contact me in a few weeks and by then I'll definitely have a few more things to show. Feel free to email me and we could perhaps discuss it further.

    Kiran James
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