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    Picture Host Script?


    I am thinking about opening a site to host peoples pictures like imageshack and all those places. I was wondering if it is possable to make me a script like to where when people visit my site they can browse there computer for the picture they want and upload it and if they want a then theres a link to pay for that. Is this possable if so please give me a price on here or email price to [email protected]. Thank you

    P.S I do not care what language is it in as long as i can put the script and design on my site.


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    Do not contact this scammer(praf22), I have lost out on $500 and a weeks worth of downtime because of this guy who thinks he can program. He doesn't deliver on promises and makes the worst excuses, allegedly his mother died from cancer today so he cannot do work. Why is he looking for work from you then?

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    My regards to Praf's mother. I believe she's died about 4-5 times now, which must be horrible for her. Anyway

    I can do that for you for $130 (2 hours at $65/hr.) Let me know if you're interested in a no-******** solution.



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