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    Need dedicated server recommendation for under $80 a month, including control panel

    I'm looking for an athlon xp 2400+/sempron 2600 or similarly configured server. I'm planning to use this server as a game server and a web hosting server. Preferably want the server to be on the west coast. Max budget is $80 including control panel (want direct admin). Will take all recommendations into consideration, thanks in advance!!!! I've looked at, and while they fit in my budget I've only seen a few reviews of their dedicated service, most of which seem to be negative.

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    I plan on getting one of these hosting plans. I have spoken with their sales department and some of their other employees and they have been friendly and quick to respond.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I already know of layeredtech, but they have a setup fee and the server is not managed at all. I'd like some sort of management service if possible..

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    mcpaa is a reseller of layeredtech. I have one server with them, but support responses were okay, not spectacular. just to clarify, they weren't bad either (~1 hour).

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    Thanks. I'm highly considering them however when I need important things done on my server I'm not sure if they're good or quick with support. From what I've heard, they're not too good. But since their prices are so low, I probably shouldn't expect too much from them. I will probably order from them because of their prices but I'm always open to suggestions!

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    Still looking for recommendations

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