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    Can I run a dedicated server with basic HTML?

    I am not very technilogically savy and I was just wondering if I could operate a dedicated server with only HTML... Thanks.

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    Short answer : no

    Long answer : probably not, depends on how you look at it, you need scripts if you don't know how to do anything.

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    Yes, you could do that with httpd installed =) I would personally pick thttpd for your need.

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    get a good control panel and a good book Or you could get a managed server. Then your host would manage the OS and all the updates for it.

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    If you are trying to work over the dedicated server with the knowledge of HTML then it can be real tough but you can learn that in the process and it depends how quickly you can manage that. If you can get some really good and easy to use control panel installed on your server then you will have half you job done. With that help of the control panel you can manage the server completely.

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