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    Age Matters in Business

    In general, age does matter in the business world, as the theory goes the older you get the more experience you have and you become better equipped to handle problems that come with any business. That is not to say that younger people can not succeed and/or do a better job, but younger people are at a great disadvantage because they do not have the years of business experience and maturity.
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    It's funny that CIHost follows that general theory in a negative way. As they get older, they become better at picking lawsuits.

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    Yeap, I agree with what you said. Years of experience does count for something.

    The keyword here is disadvantage only people. Not to say you can't.
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    What about a 21 year old with 5 years experience compared to a 33 year old that is just trying it out for the first time? Age does NOT equate to wisdom, and that is what matters in web hosting. Experience is important I agree, but to label your thread "Age Matters in Business", I completely disagree.

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    Depends on the type of business you run. If it requires human-to-human interaction (as in actually meet each other), the younger person may be at a disadvantage. But if it's dealing customers on the internet, it's a whole different story. The more knowledgeable you are, the more trustworthy you are.

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    I see certain advantages and disadvantages for both young and older people in business. Older people have more wisdom and experience, but as they get older, it becomes harder and harder for them to change with an everchanging business environment. Younger people on the other hand find it easier to adapt to new demands.

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    Age is but one stat to measure by.
    Experience in the chosen field (presumably web hosting in this forum).
    Overall maturity.
    How developed their sense of ethics.
    Amount of education in the chosen field (education != experience but it helps)

    Take it all and kinda roll it up together and measure the person as a whole.

    There are people my age I wouldn't do business with if you let me use your money to pay them, and there are folks too young to legally drink who I could trust with all my root passwords, it's best to not paint with too broad a stroke, JUST because someone is young doesn't mean they'd be a bad businessman.
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    Interesting enough, age as well as attitude count towards running a professional business.

    The only good example I have is myself. I'm not very young and very old. Some might say I'm in the right age group to run a business.

    back in the days when I was really young (18-20) and enjoying the spoils of the IT business it was really hard to take a stand or convince much older partners to do business with yours truly. It all came down to listening and doing as requested. As time went by, the right attitude and professionalism convinced clients as well as partners that they could entrust their businesess in my hands.

    But read above, as time went by. So it took a while. most people agree and state that wisdom and professionalism comes with age, but few actually went through the process.

    There is a reason why wisdom and experience come with age. You can only accumulate so much knowledge in a given period. As time goes by, you go through more and more situations, so it's easy to understand the process.

    A time came when at about 21-23 I was wearing suits all day, every day, everywhere I went just to get a little more consideration and respect. That helped too, as I was a little bit older and put up the professional look.

    Nowadays I'm not much older, but already passed some of the problems such as trust and professionalism. I now wear suits only at seminars or very large corporate meetings, I meet my clients and partners at bars, restaurants, at the tennis court and so on, dress casual, but decent.

    So with this I can state that older people have a clear advantage over the younger people, as in the words of wisdom: "To succede you either have to be the first, best or different". Younger people can most of the time be just different.
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    One thing I find with younger people who have been educated in their particular field and do know there field, loose site of ordinary people. They assume becuase there use to doing it in such a way that everybody knows how it works. They also loose the ability to speak in plain ordinary everyday language.

    This seems to happen across all trades. Whilst young people are taught the words relating to their trade, words like co-location, bandwidth, unique visitors, monkey wrench, tolerances, torque wrench etc they haven't been taught how to convey this to ordinary people. I also think that when people don't actually know as much as they would have you believe they rely on fancy words that just confuse people more than there already were.

    It takes time and experience to gain the knowledge and self confidence to get past this point.

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