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    Cannot Change Primary Nameserver.

    Hey guys,

    I have 2 ips from my datacenter.

    In theory, those ips should be able to be used for my nameservers.

    The problem is, my main ip is being used by:

    Ip Address Http Usage Ftp Usage Mail Usage 63-246-sss-ss.sss.tld

    How can I delete this? I have root access, I tried rebuilding ip pool which resulted in "System has 0 free ips".

    It is not in nameserverips. So I only have 1 ip that is free.


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    When I try assign

    it say "Nameserver Ip Assignment
    Sorry, you are out of ips to assign as nameservers"

    But I have only assigned 1 name server. Some how I need to delete 63-246-xx-xxx.tld. But I have no idea where?

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