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    Any Info/Feedback on Zanadoo

    Does anyone have any experience with Zanadoo ( I have done a search on WHT on Zanadoo but didn't find really any feedback info on them. Any information is appreciated.
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    I have been hosting with them for less then a month, They seem to have good deals, there support has about 6-12 hour response time...They seem to be on at specific times during the day.

    Right now I'm waiting on an upgrade to FC4. I like them so far

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    When I purchased my server they accommodated all of my requests, and handled in a professional manner. Thatís what I look for in a company. Professionalism

    They are a budget host...they cut corners like all other budget hosts. Compared to the other budget hosts I have used, there support is about a 6 [of 10].

    To be honest you get what you pay for in this business. So I've learned not to be too expectant.

    I'm still waiting on my server to be updated with Fedora Core 4. I'm not complaining, because it was my error that messed up server wide permissions, and they said that was the best way to fix it.

    As of now, my server has been down bout 1 and a half days...

    I host numerous domains because I have a dedicated server. But my main domain is itself is on an SSL cert.

    I don't use the SSL Service, so I don't know its status for resellers/shared customers.

    I have a feeling that they are in need of additional support techs, but the tech person handling my support request has been doing so over the phone. [there support system must have SMS capabilities]

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    I haven' t had any problems with the datacenter zanadoo does its hosting through.

    I've had servers at bad budget networks, like Burst, and i've had some boxes at the Planet.

    If you know what your doing with a machine, Zanadoo can set you up well with the tools you need to get the job done well.

    Of course, I think they'd probably be good for the newbie too, but as stated, you can't expect things to happen within 5 minutes.

    The tech staff does get the job done right.

    I would recommend them. To the novice, you may want to think about a datacenter thats going to cater to the mistakes you'll probably end up making.

    But if you know how to manage a box, I think you can have a pleasant experience at little cost with Zanadoo.

    I've had some servers there for a few months now, and overall the experience has been good. I have saved quite a bit of money, as I don't sell hosting or anything like that.

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    I've hosted with them for several months; no problems until yesterday (their servers have been down for almost two days now...

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    seems their website is down

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    need improvements in support.
    there is no helpdesk/ticket system. wait hours and do not know what's going on with the issue.

    they definitely need an improvement

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    I have had nothing but problems with them in the last 4-5 months. My email is down every other day, and sometimes for days on end. When I called Zanadoo, it seemed like the guy was drunk and he had no idea what I was talking about.

    If NEVER getting a reply to a support issue is considered customer support, then I have to give them a 0 out 10.

    Maybe I am just ranting, but I have been using this company for years and have had lame performance, but it was cheap and it wasn't super crucial that everything thing was perfect. But the 99.5% claimed uptime is more like 45% for me and it seems like that for them since there site is down just as much as mine.

    I emailed them yesterday about a problem and now my site is gone.

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