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    * Looking to Hire Designer/Coder (ASP /.NET) approx $600/month

    I am currently looking for resumes from web designers and coders, prefrebly both in one. This will basically be more or less a steady job.

    I need someone who will:

    - Be on task and complete jobs by deadlines.
    - Put their 100% effort into every job, take their own initiative to make projects be the best they can be.
    - Arrive online at specific times and let me me know when they will and will not be able to work for some reason.
    - Pay will be project based, contract based, and $$ will be given upon completion of each project. will be roughly 2-3 projects per month per person. estimated $150-$200 average per project.
    - What im asking for is very simple stuff to be done. Here is our process for our clients.
    1. Choose a template or tell us what kind of site they want.
    2. The designer/coder will edit the template to the clients liking, i will be advising them.
    3. the mockup is the approved by client and then put into webkit by the designer/coder. WEBKIT is website software that we use so that clients can edit their website them selves. coding a site for webkit is very easy, i know nothing about code andi still know how to do it. you just instert <tml:menu> tag into where the menu should go, <tml:content> tag where the content should go. Very simple but needs to be very professional.
    4. the designer/coder will also be doing custom dev sites which wont require webkit.

    The company you will be working for is BIZSEED (BIZSEED.COM) so let me know whoever wants in, email me asap i need resumes within the next few days, IM me on AIM for quicker response.

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    I can do all of that, except instead of asp/.net I know PHP, is that ok?

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    We might be interested but I did not see your AIM handle?

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    Originally posted by coreybryant
    We might be interested but I did not see your AIM handle?
    His AIM handle is 'KrutalDesai'

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    Hey there I'm interested. My hourly rate is $65/hr so as long as the projects fit within a 3-4 hours timeline that's fine. I'm good at what I do and don't spit out anything that is below excellent quality.


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    Hi, 've got a crew to do both design| stuff.
    if you are still interested - contact me.
    portfolio can be sent

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