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    Job Offer - Consulting Needed

    I am the owner of an existing company who has more than 100 game servers. All servers are running on Windows 2003. We are having a problem with server performance and it seems we do not have anyone on staff to resolve the problem.

    We limit the amount of slots per Dual Xeon with 2GB RAM to only 90 slots, but in-game performance still recieves many complaints.

    We need someone to provide us with consoltation services to increase our level of service and to eliminate complaints regarding server FPS and shot registration for HLDS and SRCDS server installations.

    Dont apply unless you are an expert with running HLDS and SRCDS on a Windows box and achieving wonderful performance. When applying, please provide us with your hourly rate as well as your qualifications. Windows experts only! Windows is very different from Linux performance.

    Email [email protected] please.

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    I'm an expert at both windows and linux servers, I've configured over 30 windows boxes in the last 3 years, and currently perform maintenance for 2.

    $65/hr, paypal preferred.

    Thanks again, and good luck on getting those working right!


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