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    Looking for partner at

    Website is fully developed with a full vbulletin license and a staff ready to work on command. Running a website that has this much potential is hard alone, so I am in need of an experience person that can help with the growing of the site I am not looking for a buy-in partner but any money that can be spent on scripts or anything for the site is a plus. All hosting is paid by me, scripts, forums, design, everything I will pay for. I am working with cingular, nextel, and linksys as we speak for sponsorship contracts for them to advertise on the site but they are first wanting me to get the site back to where is was when it was very active.

    I just need some help, you will have full access to all the databases, admin on forums, ftp access, email, contact information with the companies and employees. I have received offers for the domain alone in the 600$ range, but with the potential this site has I know it can make more than that monthly, I just need a quilified personal to help me with a partnership.

    Knowledge of vBulletin, wireless industry, some coding experience (a lot is a major plus), and any new ideas that you believe could greatly increase the productivity of the site will be a plus also. The frontpage is being fixed now but the forums are at

    If you are interested please contact me on aim at matthewrgunnin, msn at [email protected] or yahoo at matthewrgunnin.

    You can also reply here with offers.

    Thank you for your time. "Improving your wirless world, one step at a time."
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    I could easily help you in this regard.

    I currently hold an Advanced Higher qualification in business management and know how to run/finance and market a business to its full potential.

    I can also help in regards to SEO and brand awareness and the creation of a very effective marketing campaign.

    Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

    Also, if you were not interested in the partnership - how much would you sell the domain and website for? as i would be interested in purchasing it from you if no partnership arose.


    - Oblivex

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