My name is David Stone and I am a 21 year old sophomore attending GeorgiaSouthern University for an Information Technology Degree. Some classes Ihave taken are It intro, web design, java, data communications, and networking.

I have been in the web hosting industry for about 5 years now, the last 2.5 as a managerial role.

Through mid-year 1999 till about 2002 I worked at various web hosting companies as a basic Level 1 tech support. Some of my responsibilities included monitoring the forum, e-mail, helpdesk, etc. and either providing the necessary support for the customer or escalating it to a different department. I handled most of the basic support/billing questions that customers ask like how to use webmail, cpanel, etc...

In 2002, I got a job at as support supervisor where some of my duties included managing a sub-team of about 5 technicians, handling support escalations, and some regular Level 1/2 support work.

In 2003, I moved on to, where I joined the company from the start as Support/Sales Manager. I set up the whole support department interviewing/hiring staff, set support/sales guidelines, set-up support methods (forum, chat, helpdesk, e-mail, instant messaging), added staff to support methods plus internal staff only website, handled support
escalations, tracked the performance of support/sales staff and paid them accordingly. Unfortunately, Greg the owner decided to sell the business (even though we were getting about 5 new signups a day) due to his personal life.

What i am looking for is a well established hosting company or even better a outsourced support company that is looking for additional support repersentives. Also i would not mind doing some mangerial work like i did at I am looking for a company that can pay me around $.75 cents to $1.50 per support instance resloved. Also due to school, my job, and my social life i am not looking for any fixed hours. Instead i am looking to work thoughout the day, in my free time, checking the helpdesk and e-mail or other support methods whenever i get a chance.

References are available per request

Please contact in the following ways

Please do not PM me on this forum
-Email- [email protected]
-Aim- hometwndavid
-Msn- [email protected]

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward in speaking to you

David Stone