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    Why do I need a DNS?

    Right now I have two URLs, they point to the same IP address of my VPS. Apache then points them to the correct directory.

    So what do I need a DNS for? Named seems needlessly complicated.

    I'm asking this because I'm signing up for a new VPS and they're offering to setup the DNS. The new host also has Cpanel, where my current host doesn't.

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    Maybe it are two other ways to park a domain (don't know), I use DNS

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    As long as there is DNS "somewhere" that points your domains and the www, ftp etc to your correct IPs, you do not need to run DNS on your VPS.

    But, everytime you add a new domain, there has to be DNS for it that properly points to an IP.

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    DNS is what links your domain name to an IP, without it your domain wouldn't resolve or go anywhere.

    Yes apache works out which domain you requested, but if you just access the IP directly it won't have a clue

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    Ahhh. So, setting up my URL with godaddy is essentally paying someone else to deal with all the DNS issues. Got it.

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    Technically - yes.
    The problem is what if you want to host a domain that doesn't allow pointers or isn't with Godaddy.

    You would then need to have your provider running nameservers on your behalf or setup your own.

    It's a simple enough process - and worthwhile in my opinion.
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    Question I have a related question


    I've just got a VPS running cPanel.

    I've previously signed up at a DNS hosting company that takes care of all my DNS hosting. So basically I do not need cPanel to take care of this.

    My problem is that cPanel (as far as I see it) insists of creating the DNS entries when I create a new account.

    At the moment I have gotten around it by disabling BIND and adding two dummy nameserver domains (that doesn’t even exist) into cPanel's setup "Primary" and "Secondary" nameserver fields.

    I know this is not the right solution, but the fix works. When creating a new account via cPanel it says that BIND is turned off and just skips the DNS creation steps.

    But is there another way to do it better/properly?
    And will my current fix give me any problems later?


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