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    help setting up dsn/domain with fedora3/webmin

    i just got my dedicated box its fedora3 with webmin
    could use a little help
    setting up my site
    i have my domain and its hosted now on the hosting company i want to get rid of once this is setup and working
    this is my first time doing this
    should i pay a service to move my domain over?
    i am on a really low budget here
    this is the info my dedicated server provided gave me:

    Your Server makes DNS queries to
    (This DNS server does not host your domains DNS information)

    i changed the:
    to different numbers didnt want to get in trouble here for posting the real stuff

    can i use webmin to:
    bind and set up a zone for my site?

    any help or ideas would be great

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    It appears that you are very new and all this server management. You might be better off to cough up some money to get someone to manage and do the work for you. It is cheaper for you in the long run to do so or else you be paying for a server which may or may not be ready for the real world.

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    You can use webmin in order to set-up the complete zone and bind all the server configurations but it is a freeBSD control panel and you will need to have a good knowledge of shell realted operations as it is as good as working in shell. I am not sure if this would help you, but you can refer to the following home page of webmin:-

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