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    Google PR3
    I am seeing google PR as 2?

  3. #3 has a PR of 2, but has a PR of 3

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    Feb 2004
    I am using google toolbar and both appear to have PRs of 2.

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    sorry i used the whois and pr checker and this is what was said

    " has Google PageRank 3 has Google PageRank 2"

    so i just put the pr 3 down, because it looks like it has two page ranks, anyway the forum has been linked to over a thousand dating websites last month, so that would greatly improve it's page rank.

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    The site doesnt work for me was it sold?

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    The forum will be back up tommorow, i'm just moving it to a more stable server.


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    Sorry the forum is back up now, i've moved it to a more stable server.

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