Please read this entire thing before responding to this opportunity.

Due to the nature of my customer's site, if you are under 21 years old, do not bother applying for this position. While the site is not a porn site, there is artistic nudity involved.

My client wants me to handle this entire process for him, which is why I am posting this, instead of him.

My client is going to be launching a new section of his web site that will deal exclusively with private video chats, where the members can submit their credit card information and be billed for X amount of dollars for Y amount of minutes of a private cam chat session. Cam chat sessions could be fitness training or showcasing one's physique. These are fitness models, no pornography is involved at all.

Models should be able to schedule chats on their own, as well as allowing Administrators to schedule/delete/modify any aspect. Administrators and models should be able to kick/ban/remove unruly visitors.

There should be an administrative backend, a model's interface and a viewer's interface. This should be developed for a Linux/Unix environment and needs to be absolutely secure. It will need to interface with a credit card processing company and possibly a PayPal gateway as well.

There are plenty of sites that have their own custom written software out there, this is similar to what we're looking for. As we're catering to a higher end of clientele, we need this to be professionally designed.

It can be a team, it can be an individual. I would prefer it if this team/individual were based on the same hours as myself (EST/EDT), and that contact methods include AIM, MSN, ICQ, phone as well as email.

I am not sure of the budget we have in mind yet, however, we will pay based on experience and time of this project. I don't want a Joe job done on this, and it needs to be professionally done. You must adhere to tight deadlines, as well.

Interested candidates should be experienced in this line of work and be prepared to give me their portfolio and two to three references that I can physically contact via telephone, as well as provide examples of their client's work. You may be required to sign a 1099 and an NDA/Non Compete clause.

Successful candidates will send me the requested information via email to webmaster AT therealms DOT net. Any candidate posting "we can do this, PM me" (or any variation thereof) or contacting me via private messages here will be instantly disqualified.

Looking forward to seeing several applications for this project!