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    Anyone know how to get a hold of anyone at One of my servers has been down over 4 hours now and I have been completely unable to reach any of their support people.

    This company is the worst. They never answer the phones, e-mails take days to respond, and their hardware is totally unreliable. I'm starting to seriously lose patience, and am looking forward to finding a more reliable host.

    In the meantime, if anyone who has a way to contact these amatuers, I would love to hear how. I'm losing a lot of business and $$ as a result of their poor service.

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    We sent you 2 emails and the KVM is plugged in with login details, champ. Check your Inbox.

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    I have been checking my inbox for the past 4 hours and have not received a single e-mail, even as of this post.

    Please PM the details to me here.

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    My support requests with calhost have all gone great. A few hours is the most I ever have to wait and that's usually in the wee hours of the night/morning.

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