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    Mailing Script


    I've searched and cannot find a (free) mailing script that can do the following (I may attempt to write my own, but would prefer to get it already made).

    - Allows the user to just add their First/Last and Email. Also ask them if they are a "student" or not.
    - Allows us to send an emal to everyone who is a "student" and then to "everyone".
    - Allows us to use variables like %name% to display their name in the email.
    - Easy opt-out script so they can quickly remove themselves.

    Any ideas?


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    You might try asking in the Employment forum if you can't find any free scripts. Someone in there is bound to be able to do it for you.
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    I have one tutorial on basic newsletter script. You can use that and add little features like name , student etc to this. This script is in use in two of my sites. This is a very simple script with unsubscribe link in every email.

    Ohpps ... I am not allowed to post external URL as I don't have enough posts. Please use the URL in my signature and go to article section ( not PHP section ) , there it is there.

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