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    Is it worth the investment?

    I own the domains UnixWebHosting.Com/UnixWebSupport.Com and have designed websites for both. I have been offered $1100 for UnixWebHosting.Com. I need an additional $1500 investment not including advertising or server space. I would be reselling colocated server space. How much would I need for an advertising budget? In the current market would it be worth the investment or should I sell the domains?

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    This is a common type of question around here, the same answer has been given time and time again, Yes your wallet will have some impact on maybe how much return you will get from your new bussiness, But time is alot more important and the amount of planning and effort that goes into the project, If you looking for quick cash sell and run, however if you want to put the hard work in and the time then start up.
    However i see where your coming from there is alot of people in the current market, but thing about it theres also alot of people who need the hosting. The decision obviously would be up to you, you cannot really just set a budget just for advertising you might want to concentrate on other stuff, I trust you'll make the right decision

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    I think NikM's question is a little more complex than the "is it worth it" question that many aspiring web hosts have. He's basically asking if it's "worth it" for him to invest in starting a business based at the domain (which would cost thousands) as opposed to just SELLING the domain and making a hefty profit. If I was in your shoes, I would spend several months developing inbound links and traffic for the domain and then I'd sell it. You could $1500-$2000 for a domain like that if it's developed properly. Board Hosting Directory
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