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    Smile Looking for a PHP coder to join a team

    Hi, I am co-founder of (to be launched as soon as a php coder is found).
    We need some sort of script which will allow our staff to post news under certain categories filling in fields such as genre, release date, producer and Game-Scope's Rating.

    We would also like the coder to join the team of General Staff. All general staff will be given hosting to support their needs.
    We cannot offer money at this time though we assure you that once game-scope has become more popular, a percentage of profit will be granted to the coder.

    Please PM or email me if you are interested. Thanks in advance.

    Josh Marsters

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    give your contacts that is why it is impossible to contact you via PM.

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    You can't get PMs as you don't have enough posts is what I THINK he was trying to say.

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    hehe yea i realised that a little late

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    We have found two coders now guys so we dont need any more.

    Thanks to all who took the time to read over this and email me.

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