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    Exclamation car related site: what i need

    ok so i have been put incharge of giving two websites a face lift and moving them to one of my servers. However i am not a gfx guy, im a guy. so if anyone thinks they have what it takes to make a mean looking site that can integrate a forum (vbulliten) into a custom site with shopping cart (which the client will gladly spend up to 100-200 dollars for) and a way to add mustang club members pages and whatnot

    the members pages are not the important part right now, i can figure that stuff out later

    take a look at these two sites

    the guy that owns the 50pref shop wants to make a big statement that reflex the hard work and preformance that he puts into his work and his customers get out of it. it must look agressive and be very ford and mustang related

    if anyone thinks he or she can handle this and can prepare a sample of what they can do (which should be car realted) and either email me at [email protected] or send me an IM at AIM: pauljusm or msn: [email protected] because the owner will want to see what he is buying before he sticks a few hundred bucks into the design

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    We could do this work for you.. I will put it to our design guys and get with you...

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