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    Question How to test the speed of DNS server ?


    Seems that my primary DNS server (hosted by my ISP) is very slow. This was the reply on one of my posts in this forum few days ago (where I asked about the speed of my site). I just wonder how can I test the speed of DNS server , I mean retrieval of DNS records for my domain.

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    I entered this: and it seems that there are some problems.

    Then I entered this:

    and I got lot of errors. Can you suggest something, what to do now ? Should I contact my ISP and ask him to correct these DNS problems ?
    I can edit some DNS records myself but not SOA and NS types.

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    The issue seems to be that different DNS Server Hostnames were being used.

    These were registered with the top level DNS

    Your NS records at the parent servers are: [ (NO GLUE)] [CZ] [] [TTL=172800] [CZ] [ (NO GLUE)] [CZ]
    but these were found with your entry[] [TTL=1800] [no glue provided] [TTL=1800][] [TTL=1800][] [TTL=1800]
    If you have just changed DNS entries a day or so ago then there is nothing to worry, you just need to wait for the details to propagate and things would look fine.

    It appears that the SOA timing that I've got was 534ms which seems rather slow but that is in relations to the US server where the DNSStuff is hosted. It appears that your server is hosted in the Czech Republic which might be the reason to the high ping results.

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