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    GoDaddy resellers accepting PayPal without credit card


    GoDaddy's selling system doesn't accept PayPal accounts that aren't backed up by a credit card. They call my PayPal account "unverified", although my balance is high enough to buy them. I'm looking for GoDaddy resellers (WildWestDomains) that accept my PayPal account.

    It would be very easy: a reseller could just mail me an invoice; or I could send them a payment by email. Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn't accept this simple way of paying, used by virtually every individual selling something on e.g. eBay.

    I want to try GoDaddy's backorder service (I know, maybe it is not the best one).

    Can someone help me? Resellers: please PM me if you would like to give me a chance :-)

    Thank you very much.

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    Have a look at directi or enom. They are both good but I think that they need a credit card.
    Have a look here:
    Here you get a enom reseller account and I think that it allows paypal. Enom is the best reseller out there. I have just signed up myself.
    I hope that this has helped you because I didnt quite understand what you were saying .
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