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    Need 3 logos designed for client for print/web!


    I need 3 logos designed for a new client.

    3 different companies. Would be used for print/web, etc.

    Please post/IM your portfolio and quote.

    MSN IM: leonard [@] caspian services . net

    Thank you.

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    This project has been awarded to someone already.

    Thank you.

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    hope it comes out how you want it, and nice protfolio 7verse.
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    Originally posted by JNadolski
    hope it comes out how you want it, and nice protfolio 7verse.
    Yeah...I hope so, too!

    I have seen some mockups already...and they are looking great.

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    ok...I still need these logos

    It seems like my logo guy has decided not to do these logos, eventhough I paid him a deposit!!!

    I need 3 logos (3 different companies) still for print/web.

    I really need a quick turnaround for these.

    One is already designed, just need it finalized as far as quality for print/web.

    For the logos, here is what we have. Quoted text is what will be used in logos:

    1) “Aslanian Development Corp” - #8 @ (, blue/black, remove the outline around the buildings
    2) “LJ Properties” – LJ touching each other, with building behind LJ, probably on 2 lines (text), website colors (2 color logo) @ (
    3) “Cobra Enterprises” – 2 lines (text), an image of a Cobra (snake) behind the text, silver/black colors

    Let me know if you are interested in this. If this works out, I have a new client that requires 5 new logos next week. Please provide a few variations for # 2 and 3.

    Please contact me to discuss payment/portfolio/turnaround.

    MSN Messenger:

    leonard [ a ] caspian services . net

    Yahoo Messenger:

    leomis [ @ ] yahoo . com


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