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    Mohaa linux help!!!

    Hey all im wondering how to get a mohaa server working on a linux server i currently own a linux server i have been readin about how to go about getting it onto the server but all i have found is that you have to get the entire medal of honour game onto the server which is 1.21 gb big so if anyone has a easier methood please let me know ASAP

    Regards, Rob

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    Also i forgot to mention i am using putty for all commands and uploads as this is a dedicated server in usa and i live in the uk

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    come on guys i really need help with this its doing my head in there must be another way!

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    is anyone going to reply to my post

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    First off you are bumping your posts pretty soon after you posted the original, you are not even giving time for somebody to respond. It may be that nobody has a better way. You will probably have to upload it from your home connection or find somebody faster to upload it for you.
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    Yeah true just i need this doing as soon as possible i do have a fast connection 1.5mb broadband to be exact but i am capped to 5 gb a month at the moment so that would be alot of my bandwith gone which sucks but thanks

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