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    Question Need help, Created Mail Subdomain

    I recently added a subdomain and after i realized that I shouldn't have, i deleted it.

    Now my pop3 outlook won't find the host

    and in my webmail, I can receive messages, but my outgoing messages don't reach their destination.

    I tried re-adding as a subdomain, and from there i do a NSlookup on but nothing comes up it's like it won't recognize the subdomain.

    I'm doing this all through Cpanel, is there something i'm missing?


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    hai wintersix,

    To create a sub domain cpanel asks for the name you wish to use. MAKE SURE the subdomain name you give it doesn't have a folder already named that name. If it does the sub will not work. Example... I want to create the subdomain so my sub name is going to be test. If I already have a folder in my ftp named test I need to delete it or rename it to something different before I create the subdomain with the test name from cpanel.

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