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Thread: VPS/VDS Trial

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    VPS/VDS Trial

    I provide some free and paid web based services through my 5-6 shared hosting accounts. To expand the services further I am planning to move on to a cheapest starter level VPS/VDS hosting. But I am not yet sure whether I will be able to manage it. Are there any people around who allow to test the waters for a week or so before I decide to purchase? Any trials available?


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    Expierence says any VPS provdier who does a free trial is asking for problems if they don't have a CC on record. I've twice offerered free trials of our VPS and both times got bitten by DDOS out. You could always go for one that offers 30 day money back which is easier


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    I fully understand your concern Sir. My problem is that I am quite a novice in the knowledge of *nix operating systems but intellectual enough not to create a mess. I have only read this term DDOS on forums and TOS of my hosting providers but only thing I know about it is that its something bad like virus, trojan etc. Nothing more than that. I am earning enough from my services google ads to support a VPS. But I just need to know whether its my cup of tea or not.

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    It looks like you just missed out on a free 60 day trial
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    well, I also own a VPS with and hey they manage it for you.. you just need to have basic knowledge abt cpanel/whm (which is very easy)...

    Whenever I need to ask something or have any trouble.. I just shoot a mail to them and they have never taken more than few minutes to reply (i think most of the time they reply in less than 5 minutes)... ( touchwood )
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