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    Hey, recently my domain name was expired since March, because my host tells me there was a problem with Enom, even though I already paid for another years worth of domain, It's not active.

    Over this time, I have got in-touch with Enom, but nothing happened. They told me, my host has not paid me, and my host told me to give this "special case ID" to Enom and they will update you on the domain, though with around 18 tries of asking for it, I never recieved it. My host, who is now being bought out by another company, tells me it's the new companys problem. I've tried to contact this new host about another domain name that I have, I'm waiting for them to point it to my nameservers, but thats not happening either.

    Well, anyway, my domain is in a redemption period, and I want it back.

    How long should I wait until I can get my domain name back? - Will it ever become avalible again?

    I'm very angry because my domain was not registered in my name, and everything has been going wrong. I can't seem to get in touch with anyone, not even Enom.

    I'm very annoyed because my last host, took my domain name, and I cannot get it back, now this host is doing the same.

    The funny thing is, the company who took over my last host, is taking over my current host. I was bascially referred to them from my last host. I just think they are all the same people with different names.

    Have I lost this domain name aswell?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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    Sorry to read what happened to you, Steve. But if you search the
    threads here, you'll find similar cases to yours: getting a domain
    thru a hosting company.

    As you just discovered, doing so can be a terrible mistake which
    comes with a high price.

    When a domain's in redemption period, the last registrar can get
    it back, though it involves a "penalty fee". As long as the domain
    hasn't reached the end of its 30 calendar day redemption stage,
    you have an option.

    If availed of, the registrar will most likely restore the domain to its
    last registered account. In your case, however, the problem is the
    last one was the hosting company that was bought out, so enom
    will most likely put it there.

    If that happens, then yes, the new company that bought the host
    is the you'll have to deal with.

    Another option is to wait for the domain to become available. The
    redemption stage is 30 days, then wait 5-6 more days for the
    domain to become available.

    Depending on how desired it is, there's a chance it might be back-
    ordered at the major backordering companies like snapnames and
    enom club drop. But if it's not that common, you could hand-reg it.

    This is a lot of info to digest, so take your time reading and re-
    reading it to help you make a more informed decision.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your reply. I shall take this into consideration.

    My domain is very uncommon, though it's the same as my last one but missing a letter. My last domain was also backordered. No one has a name like mine, it's unique but somehow it was still backordered.

    I believe this one will be backordered too. I got a reply from Enom. They requested that I could drop my reseller and buy the domain from them. As I see their prices are high, but because it's unique I would be prepared to pay. The only trouble now is, the domain is ordered and registered to my current host, not me.

    I will start reading once I've fed my hunger.


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