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    Clients/Company for Sale


    For a bunch of reasons I have decided to sell my hosting business. It is a shame for me to do this but circumstances dictate this is something I need to do.

    The company has been around for around 7 months.

    Here's what you get:

    2 Domains, one of which ranks at #5 on yahoo, #3 on MSN for xxx web hosting, where xxx is a City where we are located, we
    generate over 200 unqiue visitors a month (stats from April) with ZERO advertizing.

    To be honest this company has been on the back burner due to lack of time to focus on it (part of the reason I am selling), and somebody could really take advantage of this traffic if they were to invest the time and effort

    Also included is a toll free number (it spells our name!) and costs $15 a month if you want to continue with it.

    We currently have 11 active clients, the packages, frequency of payment are listed below. ALL are paid through paypal and I will
    include the 2 paypal accounts with sale (one from each domain).

    All are cPanel/WHM on RedHat.

    We rent our server from LayeredTech for a cost of $103 a month, it's pentium with 1Gig of ram and 2x80GB hard drives. You can continue using the server and we can just transfer it over - if you don't want it I can cancel the agreement.

    Bandwidth/disk utilization is small. I have a couple of personal (image hosting etc) sites that are NOT included in the sale, but the
    remaining accounts use 3.5gig of bandwidth (April stats). Disk usage stands at around 25 gig including OS (although I suspect a couple of gig of that space are my personal sites).

    The accounts/packages are as follows - they key is bandwidth/disk, price, frequency (monthly, quarterly etc)

    10GB/4GB 4.95 M
    25GB/4GB 4.00 M
    10GB/4GB 5.69 M
    25GB/10GB 7.95 M
    10GB/1GB 60 Y
    10GB/1GB 6.95 M
    35GB/5GB 8.95 M
    10GB/1GB 24.95 Q
    30GB/3GB 124.95 Y
    10GB/1GB 24.95 Q
    10GB/1GB 9.95 M

    So thats about $900 per annum.

    Churn is very low - we have basically only ever lost one customer (and he was a 'friend' of a competitor checking us out!). One of our customers has recommended us on her private forum (and has resulted in a couple of sign-ups

    We also recieve a few design requests from our site and one has recently resulted in a sale.

    If you are inetrested, please send me a PM with your email address and I'll get an NDA out to you and then you can see the domains etc. Also I'll try to post all answers to questions on this thread so people can have all the relevent info.

    Finally I am travelling out of the country on Friday for 11 days and I *hope* I'll have the opportunity to answer questions/check email but cannot promise, so this will probably either happen real quick or close later when I get back.

    Anyway, this is a great opportunity for somebody looking to break into hosting (and I think that is where the value is) but I also suspect folks looking to build up their base will be interested.....

    Best regards,

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    So if I'm reading this write the company is actually losing money?

    $900 - $103*12 = -$336 per annum

    Of course people could transfer but I just want to clarify that point

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Yes thats 900 in REVENUE. Not profit


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    How much you looking for?

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    Yes, I would also like to know, please contact me
    Do the customers require much support a month?

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    Gandalf - as much as I can get!!!!!

    From what I see, clients go for btwn 6 - 12 months of revenue. Given that I would close the deal for $1000 immediately.

    Failing that I'm taking bids


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    Highest bid so far: $500

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    did you do the client domain registrations ? if so which registrar, how many and at what price.

    For the 11 clients, business domains, website etc as detailed, Othello are prepared to offer $550, 50% on agreement, 50% on sucessful transfer to our own servers. All clients will be kept on their existing plans and pricing structures.
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    othellotech - nope I did not do any of the registrations


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    High bid is now $600

    I'm going to close this around 9PM EST tomorrow (Thursday)

    Many thanks to all that have bid.

    Best regards,


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    Folks, this is now closed. Many thanks to everybody who expressed an interest

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    I was too slow, i was prepared to pay 800!

    Well, next time around, perhaps i get in time
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