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    Hosting utilisation guidelines


    I'm interested in renting a dedicated server to provide webhosting to businesses. My question is though, that in order for the business to be profitable I need to be competitive.

    I have done some very quick searching around and found that offer the following entry level package:

    For 567 (inc VAT) per year:

    Linux Series 2400+
    Intel - 2.4 GHz
    512MB RAM
    NOW 80GB Harddisk
    512GB data transfer (yearly)
    1 IP address
    24x7x365 FREE reboots
    Redhat / Debian / Slackware

    I looked at a webhosting provider called and they provide a starter pro package as follows:

    For 66.25 (inc VAT) a year
    500 MB of web space for 3.99 per month!
    5000 MB data transfer (bandwidth) per month.
    CGI/Perl Script enabled.
    On-line file manager and full FTP access.
    35 mail boxes (POP3).
    Free WebMail.
    Webalizer graphical web statistics (click to try).
    Unlimited e-mail forwarding addresses.

    My question is this, using a dedicated server from above, reallistically how many apache virtual websites would I be able to provide from this host, baring in mind it's specification?

    To be even close to being in compteition with I would need to able to host 10 websites (apache virtual hosts) from this one server.

    Is 10 basic websites realistic for this type of server or could this sort of server provice much less/more? Does anyone have any resources I could look at regarding this sort of thing?

    From a technical point of view, we are really just starting out with regard to webhosting but we have lots of system administration experience with Unix/Linux - however not in the area of webhosting.

    The idea is to use VMware to do development/application/webhosting testing and then commit changes to the dedictaed server environment. Is this the norm for providing webhosting?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



    PS. Sorry I originally posted this in the tutorials forum!

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    There are several answers, dependant on the size of websites you intend to host.

    Firstly, theres the HDD space, this shouldn't be an issue unless you intend to give away 10gig to each customer -

    The system spec is fine for web hosting, and shouldn't pose any problems, being sound-minded in *nix administration, I'm sure you'll be familiar with max file descriptors etc.

    The more pressing point is the bandwidth limit, 512gb per year allows you about 50gb per month (rounded). Sharing this between 10 customers would give them 5gb each, if someone has a very busy site and exceeds their quota, they'll start eating into the rest of the years allowance.

    Although its a relatively low priced server, there are companies out there who do them for around the same price, with about 100gb transfer or more per MONTH.
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    Re: Hosting utilisation guidelines

    Thanks for the reply Jamie. do offer a 1Tb bandwidth option for little extra cost - however the bandwidth issue is not of primary concern at the moment.

    What is more of a concern is how many customers could apache handle on this type of server. I realise it's a broad question because websites vary in size, but lets just say each customer site comprises of say 10 pages, with navigation bars, in essence the sites will just be like "shop windows", no trading or anything like that will be offered
    initially. We will provide mysql and php support for those that want it.

    Given that we had unlimited bandwidth, are there any ideas on how many sites apache will handle before it starts to kill the server, are we talking 5, 10,50, 100+?



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    There are lots of tweaks you can do to apache to get the most out of it. I think you will find that the memory (512MB) is where you will be limited (ie each apache process requires x amount of mem).

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