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    HELP, this is driving me nuts!! FTP problem on Windows servers

    I am going nuts trying to find this bug and how to fix it so I can tell my windows hosting companies. Well, I think it is a bug.

    When we ftp to our windows servers, the change is reflected right away when you refresh the web page. But then if you download that file again, and view it, the change you just made is not there, so then you dont know what you just did and evertying gets messed up!!

    IT is some kind of caching problem that I have seen on a few windows hosts. The changes are published to the web, but not in the individual files till later. THere is a delay and if you dont wait, you will not see the current file.

    It doesnt matter which program I use, any ftp program, ftping in explorer, and even trying ftp on another pc. This is how I know it is a server issue. I had somebody look at the file after I changed it on my pc (different ip and pc and program) and the change in the file was not seen in the file.
    When a coder needs to fix some asp, they cannot work like this as there is a lot of posting back and forth. I have people complaining they have to type the whole content over again because the changes were not made etc. How can I offer hosting if this occurs????

    Please help
    thanks sooooooooooooo much

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    I just found out that my problem can be due to ASP caching which is enabled for all windows servers.

    I still think this is a bug and should not happen despite the caching enabled.

    any ideas?

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    This appears to be a known bug in IIS 6.0

    Here is a link to the MS Knowledge Base article, outline the problem and solution:;en-us;332075
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