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    A Few Newbie Questions

    Hi guys,
    Just new to all of this and am a bit apprehensive about actually going off and hosting data for people i don't know. I have a reseller account with Hostgator, However i am located in the UK and am going to be hosting sites (hopefully) in the UK.
    But i have a few questions that will no doubt be able to be answered quite easily by you lot.

    1. I have only actually used Hostgator to host a couple of my own sites, and so far no problems. However, if it does all go tits up, how easy is it to migrate my clients and their data etc. to a new reseller? Could this also be done without them knowing, so i don't look like a fly by night?

    2. As said previous, are there any implications of hosting data over in America as opposed to the UK?. I have read various posts regarding support but i am hoping to stay low key for a bit to build a bit of a foundation so hopefully support shouldn't be a big issue, but just from a technical point of view.

    3. How responsible is the reseller for content uploaded by the client? Here in the UK i don't think that you can go snooping through peoples private data. However, if somebody is uploading kiddie porn i want to be able to find out and turf them off.

    4.What are the legalities of a client running a business ie. a shop from my hosting?

    5.Hostgator itself. Are the Agora Shopping cart and the free BB's actually any good and what are the licensing implications for them. I was thinking about selling them to individuals for a fixed sum. so they could then include them in their web site, and then hopefully charge for administration of it. Is that feasible?

    6. Last thing, what is the situation with data backup?

    These might sound like wide ranging problems, it is easy to find a raft of technical help for setting things up but it is the other side of things i am a bit worrired about. especially taking peoples money off them.

    any help would be much appreciated


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    1. If the new host uses cPanel it is very easy. They can do the transfer for you and Hostgator does not need know unless you cancel the account.

    2. No, for the standard user the speed is the same. It is actually a little slower than hosting locally. Ping a UK site and a US site and you will see the difference. Hosting overseas is not recommended for game servers AFAIK.

    3. You can suspend and remove any user files breaking your TOS, it is your server and you make the rules. Do not forget in your case Hostgator TOS is above yours.

    4. It is up to the client to take care of the legalities of his business. You only have to take care of yours.

    5. OsCommerce is a very popular cart in my region and it is provided with Fantastico. You can not sell the script for others but you can sell hosting with this script available. And yes, you can charge for the administration of a site.

    6. Most hosts do not take responsability for users backup. cPanel has a very friendly interface to let people do it. I do make backups for them in case everything goes wrong.

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    6. Most hosts do not take responsability for users backup. cPanel has a very friendly interface to let people do it. I do make backups for them in case everything goes wrong.

    I find that this is something you should do for your customers as they tend to forget... then when a problem arises..

    We just add this in as a part of the hosting package.
    There are several good low cost back up services available.

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    I was with hostgator for a little more than a year. I think they are good and, as far as their viability is concerned, will be around for a while. (to answer the question you are about to ask: i left because i outgrew the space i was renting.)

    re transferring your sites, i have had it done twice: from hostagator to another server; from that server to another server. it is quick and painless. (but, i'm sure your dentist told you that too.) hostgator will never know when you're doing it. by the way, you should not be the one to do it if you're moving to another host. the host may do it for you. varhosting and site5 would.

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    also, Hostgator use Cpanel and WHM, which ihave now realised are commercially available software. IS there any guides for using thes and administering them, also are they skinnable?

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    some web hosts allow you to try out whm/cpanel on their site. i'm not sure if does, but i saw it in one of the web host sites i visited. you should have no trouble learning it at all. but then, you may. by the way, site5 is a good one, if you're still considering hosts.

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