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    Angry why username and password???

    1 of my clients ahve an account on windows server and he create a subdomain but if you try to open it it asked about a username and password,and i am not installing iip on the server.any one knows why this happen?

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    try this
    toolkit.hlrn (dot) org becouse i am not allow to type url now

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    i tried wat u post and i found that i faced this problem b4 but i dont remmeber how it solved.and wish if any 1 here can help becouse i was going 2 b crazy whn i fca ed this prob.

    note:nice url :toolkit.hlrn (dot) org. lol
    what is after death???if u dont know thn u r in a big trouble.

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    Seems to be working here. It did not prompt for anything.

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    yes .this is becouse i solved it ,the subdomian wasnt have permissions of the domian so i allowed inheretence permission for anonymous iis users.
    thnx all

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    I don't know if you're still working on this, but I do get prompted for username and password.

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