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    Limit bandwidth and size

    Hello people!
    I'm pretty new into this hosting business; as it is for now I have no great plans for the future since I'm busy with other things - but I would like to know how I can limit the size of my users account so that they can't upload more then... let's say 100mb.

    I'm currently using WAMP server for my PHP and SQLite and Bulletproof FTP as FTP server. Please give me some good answers so I can hand out accounts to people I don't know so good.

    Best regards,

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    do you use any hosting control panel ?

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    I'm ashamed to say no. Do you got any tips on any free hosting panels?


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    What bandwidth do you want to control ?
    for this issue you should parse logs of this demons and compare results with you limits.

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    Ah, thanks. I want to check the HTTP bandwidth - and yeah, off course the size of the clients folder.

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    You shuld use any httpd logfile parser for bandwidth usage control and quota feature for disk space usage

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    Okey, thank you, likonar. I'll try to look deaper into these things. Do anyone here know a free control panel for webhosting?

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    do you know webmin ? this is a free solution.

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    Yes. Although I run a XP machine.

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