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    Question I have 2 IPs for my server: problem


    I have a 1&1 root server with the ip
    I have multiple domains hosted by godaddy and now want all this domains running on my root-server without moving them to 1&1 domain registrar.

    My idea was to generate nameservers to link my domains to this server. So I ordered a second ip address which is

    (you can already access the server with both ips)

    My setup at godaddy for domain -> ->

    I use this nameservers for alle other domains also now.

    The nameservers already work but in about 50% of cases the server loads the wrong page when I go to
    I guess it has something to do with a wrong ip-setup on my server if the user tries to access the website via

    The server is using SUSE 9.1 and Plesk 7.5

    My dns for
    PHP Code: 
    24    PTR 24    PTR    A    
    .com.    A    
    .com.    MX (10)    NS    NS    CNAME    A    
    mail    A    
    webmail    A    
    webmail    A    
    [url]    CNAME[/url

    Please help me!

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    Why do you need to set up duplicate 'A' records for all your domains and subdomains entries ?

    If both are hosted on the same one server, a single entry should do the trick. Bind it to one IP.

    If you intend to do round robin, ie same site mirrored on two machines, then it should do the trick.

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    new setup:
    PHP Code: 24    PTR 24    PTR    A    
    .com.    MX (10)    NS    NS    CNAME    A    
    webmail    A    
    www    CNAME
    same problem

    I think it _could_ have something to do with the settings of the domain in Plesk. You have to choose an IP-Address for the domain when you make the setup and all account are set to only because I can only pick one.

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    The problem probably has something to do with DNS caching.
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    I think it has something to do with the settings on the server itself not the DNS because I always reach the server.. with ns1 and ns2.. the only problem is that sometimes the server loads the wrong directory and doesn't find the file I want to load.
    Who can help me? Please!

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    I had the same problem when I was using Plesk.
    It takes up to 24 hours or try restart your server.. I am a newbe to this so yea

    I have now Cpanel after I was sick of Plesk
    Plesk sucks.
    Cpanel/WHM rocks
    I'm a newbee in English

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    I can confirm that the error only comes for the ip because I display the ip on the ERROR404 page now. -restarting server -

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    Originally posted by audun1
    I had the same problem when I was using Plesk.
    It takes up to 24 hours or try restart your server
    Just stop and start bind - which is all cPanel etc does
    either from the control panel or from ssh
    service named restart

    to the OP ... try ... / 24 PTR / 24 PTR A MX (10) NS NS CNAME A CNAME CNAME

    and make sure youve lodged the nameserver IPs at the root servers - should be doable by your registrar godaddy
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    Okay here is what I think the problem is. The name servers that you are trying to use over here i.e. & are not registered. You will have to get these name servers registered first of all I guess. But rather than having your own nameservers registered I would suggest you to make the changes in the DNS zone files with GoDaddy. You can mention the IP addresses of the server where you want the domain to be pointing.

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    You simply need to remove the incorrect PTR/A records, as was previously said.

    Gary Brahmi,

    If the name servers werent properly registered, his queries would be timing out, not returning incorrect results.

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