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    NeoMail Write Lock?

    So I just set up a new domain in WHM for myself on my cPanel/FreeBSD server. I created the primary username of "john" - I am able to login to cPanel with it just fine. However, when I go into the email section and click on WebMail and bring up Neomail, I immediately receive the error "Couldn't get write lock on /usr/home/john/mail/inbox!" - I then tried SquirrelMail and Horde IMAP. When I click those links, it begins to connect to and I receive a blank page, Mozilla pops up with a window that says "The document contains no data."

    I created another email account on the same domain, and webmail appears to work just fine. Other clients on this server are /not/ experiencing the same problem. Just seems like the primary account for the new domain is the main issue here. Nobody else has made posts on WHT about this, and when I googled for it, there was little information on this problem.

    I had a similar issue awhile back, and I ended up doing a /scripts/upcp --force to resolve the problem, but I really don't want to run EDGE again.

    NOTE: I recently upgraded to the latest RELEASE verson of cPanel/WHM. Could that be the cause of the problem? I've not been able to get into the cPanel forums lately, so I figured I'd just start here first. Thanks for your help!
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    Try ' /scripts/mailperm ' , sounds like the account inbox was locked..
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