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    RHEL3 Memory Use?


    i am running a p4 2.4ghz box with 1gb ram.

    i am running 3 counter-strike servers....

    This is my 'top':

    Mem: 1019408k av, 995116k used, 24292k free, 0k shrd, 50864k buff
    764908k actv, 145308k in_d, 20348k in_c
    Swap: 1052248k av, 90288k used, 961960k free 364104k cached

    by reading that i should assume the 'free' is the Free ammount of ram? 24292K (~24mb)?

    How are 3 counter-strike servers that have no players using this kind of memory?

    I can reboot the whole box, and the 'free' will come upto about ~600mb...... But hours later the 'free' will be back at ~10-20mb....

    why is this happening? can someone explain the memory use and free ? all i know is when i reboot, and the 'free' goes up, my servers run smoother.

    Please help

    A sincere thanks in advance!


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    Linux uses all the memory it can, extra memory is used as a disk cache. If you think about it, this is a much better use of unused memory than just letting it sit around. Don't worry, this memory is instantly freed the moment a program requires it. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    The most problematic data is actually this:

    364104k cached

    If you're down to a 350 MB cache without any players online you're going to be in trouble once the action begins. Your server will most likely benfit from an additional 512 or 1024 MB RAM or a performance tuning that reduces memory usage.

    Try monitoring your memory usage under normal load - when your server goes below 150 MB cache you're probably going to see performance degradation build up and swap usage will rise.
    Best regards,

    Anders C. Madsen
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