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    [SALE] Must-See Hosting Templates

    Alright everybody, I know WHT can't seem to get enough templates, so here are some for you all to bid on. You may bid in the thread or privately through a PM, and I will post whenever someone bids. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

    Payment Method: Paypal
    Starting Bid: $20
    Buyout Bid: $75

    What's Included:
    .PSD files (Front Page, Mouse-Over, Base Page)
    Exclusive Rights (Only sold once)

    Extra Options:
    HTML Coding - Add $65
    Customization (Colors, Content) - Add $25
    Template 1 -
    Template 2 -
    Template 3 -

    Thanks for checking them out!

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    Apr 2005
    awsome designs good luck with the sale

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    Nice templates, best of luck with the sale

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    Thanks for the positive words, I appreciate it. All templates are still available, and there's a good chance I'll let them go for $20, so start bidding!

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    I haven't gotten any bids yet, so I'm going to let them go for $20 if anyone is interested. All extra option fees still apply however.

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    be more original,you only has changed the colors..

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    2 more templates for sale:
    Template 4 -
    Template 5 -

    All templates are only $20!

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