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    Savvis Datacenters

    Anyone with experience in these facilities have any issues with the on site service.

    Also considering the DCs are owned by Savvis, its impossible to add another line to the mix, does anyone know of other providers who offer savvis but in say Equinix and provide it in multiple locations.

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    I understand your concerns with regard to carrier neutrality, however I think its much less of an issue with Savvis than other providers. They have better peering than any other carrier I've seeen, and uptime has never really been an issue for me. Although Savvis's DC's aren't carrier neutral, they are all meshed with multiple Savvis lines, and uptime with them isn't really a problem. While a single provider isn't optimal, with them, I wouldn't consider it grounds for not considering a datacenter like I would with other providers.

    There is a reason why they're the network that powers Wall Street, and the markets.

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    1,241 is one - they're in Equinix Chicago. Their premium network has Savvis in the mix. There are *many* providers that offer Savvis bandwidth though, do a search in the dedicated and colo offers section. I'm sure many of them are in Equinix facilities.

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    There is a reason why they're the network that powers Wall Street, and the markets.
    Well, that is a seperate network

    I do know that Savvis is not too nice about customers bringing in other providers to a Savvis DC (at least in STL). I know of a person paying a $500 MRC crossconnect charge for a T1 (and they have 4)

    Savvis does have a nice network but make sure you talk to them about 3rd party providers before you sign anything.
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