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    K-1 Domain (Kickboxing,etc Brandable)

    Im selling a domain that if can be sold to the right person could possibly bring some money to the buyer if resold, unforunatly i dont have the time to develop the domain into forums or find a buyer. This domain is unique for someone who is looking to develop a "K-1" forum.

    K-1 is short for Kickboxing, karate, muaythai, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, etc. So basically the domain is perfect for fans who want to discuss about "martial arts" etc.

    The domain is

    Bidding starts at $1 USD, the last person to bid on May 5th @ 9pm CST gets the domain at whatever price its at. This will be pushed via GoDaddy. If the auction reaches $10 please use $5.00 increments after that amount.

    PayPal Only !!

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    $1 for a start.

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