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    Migrate SSL cert from Apache to IIS

    I am migrating web hosting for someone that has Apache to IIS 6.0. It is a SGC SuperCert from Thawte. When I got them the secure cert from Thawte I had to choose the web server OS, which was Apache-ModSSL. How do I migrate this certificate to IIS?

    Ryan Olshan

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    In my mind you may use the same one on apache or IIS.
    Look at this url for certificate installation on IIS

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    hi ryan,

    SSL certs are hostname based not IP address based. The IP address the SSL cert resides on is not important.
    What is important is the certificate signing request which uses a combination of strings that are generated by the web server's implementation of SSL combined with information submitted by the user.
    The CSR should match the cert.

    You can move an SSL cert from one apache server to another without too much hassle, but you can't move certs in IIS as easily.

    To install the cert, verify the following link:
    Bright Info Solutions

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