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    NEEDED: PHP/CSS GURU W/ Integration Experience

    I need some integration and coding help which utilizes PHP/CSS.

    1. Tables seem to break the design, thus prohibiting me from using any content that uses the a table.

    2. Display is showing up strangely in IE (particularly in the navigation section), and also the left margin is showing up a little detached.. I would like it flush with no white gap.

    3. I need assistance integrating Matt's Whois Script.

    4. The large gap in between the top navigation & the main picture.

    5. Site shows up funny in Firefox until I resize the text.

    I can't imagine this should take a seasoned guru but an hour or so, but I could be wrong.

    If you could email me a quote, I would appreciate it.

    charles **at***ventohost **dot**com
    .:: vento web hosting
    .:: simple hosting, simple solutions, simply reliable

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    Are you on MSN/AIM? I can knock this down weal quick..

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