Hello, I'm offering game servers out of the Newyork area. These are high performance peer1.net servers running Athlon64 CPUs and have amazing pings.

Test server is

Average ping on Cable seems to be in the 20ms area.

We are offering an amazing discount on our prices. Our standard pricing will be $4/slot but we are offering a promo at $3/slot

We also have the following deals for Clans (includes 2 servers + hosting and optional design).

1x20 Player CS 1.6 or Source Public Server
1x12 Player CS 1.6 or Source Private Server (for pratice/scrims).
Advanced Hosting plan (500mb space + 16GB bandwidth)
FREE domain name
Option design (call for details)

Standard price would be (including all servers + hosting): $121/month

BUT you get the special price of $99!

This is perfect for clans that can split costs and need 2 servers to play on.

All servers include AMX modX, Admin Mod and FTP Access to your server and toll free support

To order please email [email protected] or call toll free 1-866-54-BURST!

- Eddy