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    Lightbulb IPB 2.0.3 skinning request will pay well for design


    I have been a IPB user happily for a bit now and i have now stepped up my game with a perpetual license and some serious moding. I am now hoping that i can have a Custom Skin made to really set my site apart from all the other ones in my arena. I will try to be as descriptive as possible.

    Site URL : &
    IPB Version : 2.0.3 IPB Forum board
    Paid Service : To who ever decides to take this task on i will be more then happy to compensate them well for their time and skil, the over all price is negotiable as long as its within reason and proportianate to the job. I say this because i will be asking for a good bit on this skin, and i have to respect the fact that its not a cake walk. If you want to give this a shot i would like to see some prior made skins if you have any, so please contact me via email or PM here.

    Skin Colors : I would say Browns, Blacks, Silvers, Gunmetal, Blues.
    For the colors i would basically just like to give several examples from existing skins that i would like and have the skinner maybe be a little creative and present a couple mock ups for me.
    ---Text : If the background is anything other then black then i want the text to be black.
    Theme : Fantasy Gaming, like MMORPG (EQ2, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy)
    Images : The only image that is a must to have from me is the banner logo. You can check the needed buttons by going to my forum as listed above
    Extra Comments: I do have a self designed logo that i want added. I dont have an exact picture of what i want as much as several ingredients, im hoping that the talented skinner will be capable of some creativity. I would like to work hand in hand with the skinner to get it to what im looking for. I would also be requiring someone who could install all the mods/hacks i have in my current base version into the new skin as part of the package. That will involve creating some extra buttons and images. I am looking for a theme that is a mixture of the following:

    I like the structure and forum image buttons on the main page of this 1.3 skin called solid purple I like how they are animated and flash a flame when the section has a new post.

    While i am not trying to make it overly dark, i would like the bordering to resemble the gothic labrynth 2.0 theme shown here

    I would like the forum tops and bottoms to resemble this CMS theme i have shown here
    I really like those griffins on the top of the right and left and have the images if need for those. I also like the parchement look for the actual forums and categories.

    Here are a couple more examples of sites themes and looks i like. mind you i dont want a copy of someone elses skin i want a unique one. Here is a nice looking one. It doesnt need flash or alot of special pictures. Just the general medieval/fantasy/dungeons and dragons/magic and swords type of theme to it.

    oh and im head over heels for this mortefiles theme, altered to my specs but wow i am very impressed. the mortifile black and orange.

    I do have several mods installed on my site so there will be a need to design stuff like a Ban button, card, report, add poll. Just by simply entering any section with multiple posts you should be able to get an idea of what extra images ill need beyond the standard button package.

    I would like the Pips to be maroon/garnett orbs with a glossy look. I am always availble to answer any questions regarding this, i want to have a helping hand in this.

    Email : [email protected]
    ---Instant Messaging:
    AIM: thehydeoutdotcom
    Yahoo: thehydeoutdotcom
    MSN: [email protected]
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    Contact doomx3 or something around that, he is awsome at ipb designing

    good luck
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    This post is to document our AIM conversation.

    I am quite interested in working with you on this and I can't wait to see your finalized site.

    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.
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