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Thread: Small JS issue

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    Small JS issue

    I'm making a start page for myself [feel free to steal the code], but the JS doesn't work. I'm guessing it's just a misused variable, so if you could tell me what's wrong I'd appreciate it.

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    On the first line of style, there's a " * ", unsure if that's supposed to be there.

    Beyond that, I'm not getting any error popups or such

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    Originally posted by Diaga
    On the first line of style, there's a " * ", unsure if that's supposed to be there.
    That's pretty common in stylesheets, Andrew. It's just a wildcard, which applies the styles which follow it {within the braces} to every element in a page. I usually set margin:0; padding:0; with * when designing a page, to remove all of the browser's default spacing.

    To set a style like a font for an entire page like Dan has done using *, I prefer setting it on the <body> tag, then the other tags will inherit the style. This doesn't necessarily happen with * because it's less specific, but I'm still learning specificity in CSS. Either way works in this example, though.
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